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“Touché Pussy Cat!” Layout

24 Mar

Just a layout from the Tom & Jerry short, “Touché Pussy Cat!”


Our Gang #46

23 May

The interior covers of Our Gang with Tom #46 feature comics with a few of MGM’s one-shot characters. The front interior features the two buzzards from Tex Avery’s hilarious “What’s Buzzin’ Buzzard?” and the back stars the wolf, called El Wolfo here, from the Harman/Ising short “The Hungry Wolf”. I don’t have too many issues of Our Gang so I don’t know if these guys made any other appearances or if any other characters were resurrected. Droopy usually gets the interior covers under the name Happy Hound. This comic if from 1948, about six to seven years after those two cartoons were released.

Bob Cannon, Animator vs. Bob Cannon, Director

9 Apr

I love Bob Cannon’s animation, particularly the few cartoons he worked on with Tex Avery and the Fox and Crow UPA shorts. It’s quite loose and energetic. His work under Chuck Jones is great, “The Dover Boys” being my favorite. Though it’s interesting that as a director the animation is more conservative and organized. I suppose that the emphasis placed on design at UPA was in part to blame. I’m not knocking his UPA shorts, I’m quite fond of them. Well, most of them. “The Oompahs” is boring as hell. Here’s a some clips to compare.

Bob Cannon Animator
Bob Cannon Director

Tom and Jerry – Rexall Magazine Cover

2 Apr

Just to make up for yesterday’s horrible Tom and Jerry post, here’s a great picture of Tom and Jerry from the April 1949 issue of Rexall magazine.

"Little Rural Riding Hood" Layouts

27 Jan

I posted two of these layouts a long time ago but I just realized that I didn’t post three others that I had scanned. So here they are.

Tex Avery – "The Farm Of Tomorrow"

3 May

I know this cartoon is weaker than the most of Tex’s shorts at MGM. Some of the gags are so corny they’re almost embarrassing. I think even Tex would have admitted that, why else end it with the “Hootenanny” gag. The best or worst (depending on your sense of humor) of the bunch. But what I do love about it is Gene Hazelton’s designs. That alone is enough reason for me to watch it over and over.

Droopy/Happy – Our Gang Comics #49

20 Apr

A couple of Droopy front and back inside cover comics from Our Gang Comics #49 from 1948. It wouldn’t be until 1949 in “Senor Droopy” that “Happy Hound” would officially be known as Droopy.

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