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Our Gang #46

23 May

The interior covers of Our Gang with Tom #46 feature comics with a few of MGM’s one-shot characters. The front interior features the two buzzards from Tex Avery’s hilarious “What’s Buzzin’ Buzzard?” and the back stars the wolf, called El Wolfo here, from the Harman/Ising short “The Hungry Wolf”. I don’t have too many issues of Our Gang so I don’t know if these guys made any other appearances or if any other characters were resurrected. Droopy usually gets the interior covers under the name Happy Hound. This comic if from 1948, about six to seven years after those two cartoons were released.


"Little Rural Riding Hood" Layouts

27 Jan

I posted two of these layouts a long time ago but I just realized that I didn’t post three others that I had scanned. So here they are.

Tex Avery – "The Farm Of Tomorrow"

3 May

I know this cartoon is weaker than the most of Tex’s shorts at MGM. Some of the gags are so corny they’re almost embarrassing. I think even Tex would have admitted that, why else end it with the “Hootenanny” gag. The best or worst (depending on your sense of humor) of the bunch. But what I do love about it is Gene Hazelton’s designs. That alone is enough reason for me to watch it over and over.

Michael Lah

8 Oct

Here’s a reel I put together of Michael Lah’s animation for Tex Avery at MGM. Lah is one of my absolute favorite animators. Funny as hell in most every scene he animated.

Grant Simmons

28 Sep

Tex Avery’s unit of Michael Lah, Walt Clinton, and Grant Simmons has to be my favorite of all time. Though Bob Clampett’s unit with Bob McKimson and Rod Scribner and Manny Gould would be right behind them. So, I figured I’d try and put together some clips featuring each animator. I started with Grant Simmons, well I assume that this is all Simmons. It’s mostly clips from cartoons with Spike as it’s easier to spot by the way he draws him. Though this could very well be a Walt Clinton reel since I can say for sure which name should be attached to the animation. I’m going to stick with Simmons though. If you spot any clips by a different animator please point them out.

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Tex Avery – "King Size Canary"

17 Sep

I posted the first model sheet once before but I don’t think I posted the other one. If so it was a really low resolution copy. This one’s much better.

Tex Avery – "Field And Scream"

10 Feb

Gotta love this cartoon for Ed Benedict’s layouts alone and the loads of corny gags. Johnny Johnson’s backgrounds are something else here too. He’s just as good with more stylized backgrounds as he is with realistic ones. I suppose these are the types of backgrounds we could have seen in the early Hanna-Barbera cartoons had they had more time and money to spend on them.

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