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12 Apr

Turns out the original blog has been unlocked by google so any new posts will be on the original blog. If this site is new to you the all the posts here were originally made at


Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story

6 Feb


There’s not much I’m going to say about Thad Komorowski’s just published book, “Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story”, except BUY THIS BOOK!! Thad has definitely put together a fine chronicle of probably the greatest made for TV cartoon ever made. It’s available directly from the publisher and through Amazon.

Zesty Relish Jr. Model Sheet

29 Nov

 I posted this cartoon a couple of years ago (twice I think) but forgot both times to include the model sheet for Zesty Relish Jr. And since I haven’t uploaded a decent model sheet in a long time, here ya go. This was printed in Draw! Magazine #6, which you should own. There’s two great interviews, one will creator Bill Wray and the other with collaborator and all-around super cartoonist and swell guy, Stephen DeStefano.

Uploaded by klangley

Our Gang #45

4 Nov

I posted to interior covers from issue #46 of Our Gang With Tom and Jerry some time back that featured Tex Avery’s Buzzards and El Wolfo from the Harman/Ising short “The Hungry Wolf”. I came across another issue with the guys again featured on the interior covers. These are from issue #45. I have no idea who the artist was on these. I don’t think they appeared in any issue after 46, but I may be wrong as my collection is far from complete.


Puss an’ Boots

13 Apr

Puss an’ Boots from Funny Films #13 by Dan Gordon. Fun stuff. Be sure to check out Sherm Cohen‘s post on Dan Gordon.


Colonel Bleep

14 Dec

Here’s a load of screenshots from a few Colonel Bleep cartoons. I usually have little to no interest in some of the early made for TV cartoons. I prefer cartoons that actually have movement, but I do love the art from this show. Thankfully since there’s little to no actual animation you get to catch a good glimpse of it while watching the show. Colonel Bleep was the first color cartoon made for TV.

Fleischer Superman Model Sheets

18 Aug

I was watching “Mechanical Monsters” the other day and was reminded I had these two model sheets.