Marty Taras – Rags Rabbit

14 Mar

Here’s a Pest and Jesty story drawn by Famous Studios animator Marty Taras, from Rags Rabbit #17. What a great cartoonist.


Jim Tyer – Prehistoric Perils

16 Feb

    As much as I admire the skill of Disney animators and others like Ken Harris, Ken Muse, Virgil Ross and Bob McKimson, I really get fired up over animators like Irv Spence, Bob Cannon, Rod Scribner, Pat Matthews, Emery Hawkins, Michael Lah and of course Jim Tyer. I find myself just watching Tyer’s work over and over. I just love funny drawings and they don’t get much funnier than his.
   This is Jim Tyer’s animation from the opening of “Prehistoric Perils”. I don’t recall off hand of Tyer animating musical bits in any other Mighty Mouse cartoon. I wish he would have though, this is much more entertaining than what the other animators were doing. There’s some great animation when Mighty Mouse breaks through the TV screen too. Watch his eyes.

Colonel Bleep

14 Dec

Here’s a load of screenshots from a few Colonel Bleep cartoons. I usually have little to no interest in some of the early made for TV cartoons. I prefer cartoons that actually have movement, but I do love the art from this show. Thankfully since there’s little to no actual animation you get to catch a good glimpse of it while watching the show. Colonel Bleep was the first color cartoon made for TV.

Homer Pigeon – New Funnies #172

21 Oct

Here’s a Homer Pigeon comic that features a pseudo Buzz Buzzard. I have no way of knowing for sure but I believe this is drawn by Dan Gormley. Whoever it may be it’s fine cartooning!

I was going to stop posting here when Google forced the “Lightbox” photo viewer upon us all, but since they’ve added the option to not use it is as the image viewer I figured I’d keep the blog going for a while longer.

Pete Hothead – Four Wheels No Brakes

13 Sep

This is the second Pete Hothead cartoon that UPA made. It was directed by Ted Parmelee and designed by Parmelee and Sam Clayberger.

Pat Matthews – "Jungle Jive" Animation

27 Jul

This is a short clip of some of Pat Matthews’ animation in the Shamus Culhane directed short “Jungle Jive”. I love the way Matthews animates a character being surprised. A quick pop straight up with little to no inbetweening. There’s a lot of that in his scenes from the Woody Woodpecker short “Banquet Busters”.

Dan Gormley – "The Isle Of The Mechanical Men"

20 Jul

This story is from Dell Four Color Comics #280, drawn by Dan Gormley. Great cartooning going on here.